James Buchanan was one of the great businessmen of his time and a pioneer in the world of Whisky. He was also generous and recognized as an important philanthropist throughout his lifetime. His hard work and ambition led him to create one of the world's most recognized whisky brands, Buchanan's Blended Scotch Whisky.


During the last quarter of the 19th century, the whisky market was experiencing spectacular growth. As one of the first to recognize the opportunity, James Buchanan decided to start his own whisky Company, James Buchanan & Co, with the help of William Lowrie, who lent him money to start his business.

James was an entrepreneur with natural talent and quickly realized that the majority of the whiskies being sold in the area had very strong, heavy flavors. To be unique, he decided to create a lighter, smoother and more refined whisky. He used mature Scotch whiskies that had been aged at least 12 years in the barrel to make his blends.

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James Buchanan was a very generous man. Throughout his life he donated a lot of money for schools, hospitals and social institutions and most of the donations were anonymous. This says a lot about the strong character of this great man.

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